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Barack Lesnar

Friday, August 16 – 9pm – Hot Fuss at MadLab

Saturday, August 17 – 10pm – Hosting for Orlando Leyba at CPAC

Sunday, August 18 – 10pm – Hosting ¡Ja ja ja! – A Latin Comedy Showcase at The Kee

Stand Up Comic • Columbus

Barack Lesnar stands out in the Columbus comedy scene as a multifaceted comedian, improv artist, and producer who has performed with prominent improv teams like Black Friday, The Illuminati, and ComedySportz.

His performances, known for their edge and humor, alongside his significant contributions to local comedy events, highlight his influential role.

His millions of social media views are a testament to his reach.

His efforts in event production, such as “The Cookout,” “Hot Fuss Comedy,” and “Pop-up Comedy Jam” underscore his pivotal presence in shaping Ohio’s comedic landscape.

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