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Bridjet Mendy

Thursday, August 15 – 7:00pm – Stand Up Showcase at The Nest Theatre

Saturday, August 17 – 7:00pm – Hosting for Aminah Imani at CPAC

Stand-Up Comic / Improv • Columbus

Bridjet Mendy is a standup and improv comedian from Columbus, Ohio. Using personal experience through a child-of-immigrants lense, Bridjet’s style is quirky, story driven and self-deprecating in a fun, zelennial way. Her delivery and wit are dry, but never dull. She yearns to be perceived and is always finding snacks in her purse.

She has featured, hosted and shared the stage with acts like Zach Zimmerman, Blake Hammond, Ben Roy, Tocarra Mallard, Liz Blanc, David Brooks, Hannah Jhungholm, Andrew Rudick, Lee Kimbrell and more.

She started her comedy journey in 2016 in Chicago at Second City and The Annoyance. She now lives in Columbus where she is a regular cast member at The Nest Theatre and Hashtag Comedy. She has performed at Don’t Tell Columbus, Shadowbox Live, The Atttic, Columbus FunnyBone, MadLab, Commonwealth Sanctuary, Go Bananas, Secret Society, Middle Ground Festival and The Detroit Women of Comedy Festival.

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