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Lee Kimbrell

Friday, August 16 – 4pm – Featuring for Alex Dragicevich at MadLab

Saturday, August 17 – 7pm – Opening for Pat Burtscher at The Kee

Stand-Up Comic • Cincinnati

Hailing from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky, Lee has called Cincinnati home for 8 years. He grew up listening to his family, and their odd assortment of neerdowell associates, rattle off stories and street jokes far too crass for a young boy’s ears. He truly, deeply, sincerely, wants you to forget about your worries and live in the moment while watching him perform. He has opened for such comedians as Theo Von, Brian Regan, and Damon Wayans.

His debut comedy special “Mike and Molly” is currently streaming on both Tubi and online on YouTube. His set from “Stand-Up Live From Zanies!” is slated to drop on Peacock later this year.

He has “BFDBAD” tattooed on his arm. “Be Funny, Don’t Be a Dick”. That’s the mission. What a world!

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