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Friday, August 16 – 9:30pm – Stand-Up & Improv Showcase at The Nest Theatre

Improv • Columbus

Candice Oates and Alexx Stanton became friends over their shared love of niche comedy references and their insatiable need for external validation. Those powers combined into a force of ‘chaotic neutral’ comedy now known as “Skoora.”

Skoora is a duo improv group formed in December 2022 at The Nest Theatre, but Candice and Alexx have been performing improv together since the “grand reopening of the world” back in July 2021 with their improv group Vandalpose.

Skoora’s comedy is often described as “I can’t believe you did that,” “Are you okay?” and “How do you pronounce your name?” One of us is 6ft tall and the other is legally a rat. Candice and Alexx are excited to bring their show to the Columbus Comedy Festival so you can see for yourself which is which.

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